Monday, 28 July 2014

Turkey- My Favorite Dream Holiday Destination

Visit to discover Indian blogs I am a Travel Freak having traveled extensively in about 20+ countries but never got a chance to visit Turkey which is one of my deepest desires to experience. Turkey is friendly, beautiful and culturally rich. There are lot of Historical and Archeological Sites which I want to visit in Turkey. I want to enjoy various activities like hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting, and bicycling,The most important activity is hot-air ballooning that I want to do in Turkey.

I would like to start planning for my trip well in advance as it is my favorite dream holiday destination.I will book my this trip with skyscanner to make it not only comfortable but economical as well.This will include getting here and around Turkey, accommodation, Flights.There are ample flight options on

I am able to get cheapest and best flight options to Turkey using and  easily sorting by various preferences like number of stops airline preference and price. I am able to get a price of just about 35K for this travel which is really amazing.


My next search is to look for the best hotel accommodation available basis of my criteria like hotel location,price,star rating etc.  and again helps me to get the best deal.

 My Hotel accommodation would cost just under 20K for the four nights stay with complimentary breakfast.The options  offered by are really amazing in terms of not only price but one is spoilt for so many choices that every deal offered looks super attractive.
My next task is to look for the most economical car hire options in Turkey so that I can spend all my time on the street covering as much area as I can in the span of these 5 days spending almost another 25K on the four day car hire

The unique climate and beautiful nature of Turkey makes it more appealing.Sand,Sea and Sun makes the experience more refreshing.Turkey is the most popular holiday destination.Turkey offers more than a holiday,it can make your dreams true.
I want to visit all the historical places of Turkey as these are the greatest wealth of Turkey.
There are many more castles, fortresses and walls, Turkish castles and fortresses have a very different look from European castles. Visiting fortresses and castles in Turkey is a unique experience for visitors from all over the world.

Turkey has a large variety of nightlife and entertainment.Turkey offers a wealth of different kinds of attractions to travelers. As a result there are lots of attractions from the historical buildings and monuments to the modern museums,galleries,mosques,churches and National parks.

I want to keep some good amount of money for my food and miscellaneous expenses of at least about 15K for these four days. I want to cover as many places as possible in the span of these five days in Turkey to make my trip the most memorable one.Just keeping my fingers crossed as I close this dream travel experience so I can really live it once!!!!!
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