Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest- My Experiences

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Zest means appetite and eagerness to get something in life.My list is very long to get everything in life for which I am willing for to get the joyful experience.Zest depends on person to person and it can start from different clothes styles look like and till anything extreme adventure.Zest is positive attitude towards life with craving to achieve something unique.

(1) F1 racing:  Driving is my passion.I wish to do F1 racing once in my life time.It is the one of the  top five most popular spectator sport.I want to feel single-seat, open cockpit, open-wheel racing car and want to feel the uniqueness.

(2) Trekking : I love to experience Trekking because I love to accept challenges as I like to challenge myself physically and mentally.I also wanted to find myself exposing the daring side of me as I love to take risks.Moreover I am nature lover so it will also give me opportunity to explore nature.

(3) Skiing : I love this activity but have not yet had the opportunity to do so.It is quite a thrilling sport.There is no sensation on this planet that compares to the feeling of skiing and slipping on snow.I am really craving for Big.

(4)Hang Gliding : I wish to take the training for hang gliding.It’s just pure joy of flying.It would be just kind of  superman feeling like as I am flying. I mean, it’s just amazing.Really I want to fly just like bird. 

(5)Skate boarding : Skateboard means to me is creativity and freedom. I know if I learn technicalities of skate board  then there are the deeper meanings for me of skate board.Skateboarding is not just riding a board for me,it's about how do I express myself to show the balance in life.

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